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Did you know that USPS has a blockchain patent as part of their system to deliver your mail?

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Blockchain is seeping into our business world and personal lives. And it will continue to do so. You want to be at the forefront of where this growth is going so you can grow, and learn, right along with it.

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So does all this talk of blockchain this, cryptocurrency that, or "we're decentralized" have you lost in the weeds? Ever find yourself wondering.. what problems are these 'new tech' advances actually trying to solve? If ya feel me..Then welcome home! Here's a look at some of the content our team has been pulling together for you. It's ok if this seems overwhelming right now, over the next few weeks you may find yourself feeling enlightened. That's why you get so much today.

What To Look For In A Whitepaper

In the world of cryptocurrencies, whitepapers are golden. These academic outlines of crypto-projects are used to explain new, groundbreaking cryptocurrency ideas while enticing new investors along the way. Whitepapers are often filled with mathematical and legal jargon that can be hard to understand, but that doesn’t mean you should gloss over them altogether. In fact, examining a whitepaper is an important step in the due diligence process, and one you should certainly take before investing.

Get Your Head Wrapped Around NFT's... They Have A Purpose

As a kid you might remember collecting baseball cards or Beanie Babies. Some of these collectable items might have even netted you a nice little profit if you were lucky enough. Today, physical collectables have all but died out. In their place have come a new kind of collectable, backed by the security and immutability of blockchain technology. But gaming and collectables are just scratching the surface of this new digital technology..

WARNING: Dont Forget To Be Safe... Cryptocurrency Security - Your Guide

One of the most intimidating things you experience about buying cryptocurrency is keeping it safe and secure. The internet abounds with tales of cryptocurrency theft, hacking, and even lost passwords that rob individuals of their crypto fortunes. Luckily, cryptocurrency security doesn’t have to be so complicated. There are many things you can do to keep your crypto secure, and mitigate risks along the way.

You Know That Quantitative Easing You Heard About... It's A Macro Thing...

Cryptocurrencies are based on a variety of economic principles. By improving upon already existing economic models, cryptocurrencies look to leave other assets in their wake. But without understanding economics, it's difficult to fully understand how digital assets operate....... What is a dollar? What is between dollars and gold? Why a store of value asset? How about liquidity? Why do we have fiscal & monetary policy? Where do interest rates come in? .... You will understand HOW money works.

Binance (BNB) - It Pays to Be the Top Dog

There are perks to being the primary utility token of the Binance ecosystem.  BNB continually sees expanded capabilities and technical improvements.  The token also enjoys the constant addition of new features such as staking protocols.  As Binance's market penetration expands, so does the value of BNB. It already has realized utility with their charity foundation and the list of hotels that accepts this token is expanding.

Cardano | A Product or A Promise... (1, 2, & 3)

You'll get the full Cardano series. It covers the background and the current state of the project, you will learn the time line for project updates and evolutions (Goguen, Basho, Voltaire) plus Alonzo, and finally you will learn about how the above will be affected by the ever so fast changing landscape of crypto and if they are developing, although thorough... too slow.

Understand The Macro Environment That Your Crypto Is In.

When you see the full 10,000 feet view of the world through a macro perspective, while focusing that vision towards understanding HOW crypto fits into the picture, you'll understand the environment your money exists in.

No Matter Your View Of Uncle Sam, You Should Understand...

This one should be screaming at a lot of you... how many of y'all heard about crypto... ignored it.... got excited about some pump... got in as hastily as possible... maybe made a few crypto switcharoos... ... and forgot to track your early crypto journey in detail. - 👆 Uncle Sam don't like that. You'll be more prepared for your tax man (or lady)

DeFi 2021 | The New Playbook

Before you make assumptions about the direction of DeFi in 2021, you should first understand what it is and why it is significant. DeFi encompasses a set of software based financial services running on a distributed and decentralized framework, like a blockchain. At the end of January 2021, the space had swollen to over USD 26.8 bil representing a staggering 29x growth in DeFi participation in just one year!

Understand Each Alt Coin, As They Are

Crypto is unique in many ways. It is a culmination of decades of high level development with a huge pile of scams thrown on top. There is too much noise and not enough clear headed focus in the space. Sign up below if you're ready to know the difference in the noise and the solid facts.