We're a small team that loves to explore complex crypto concepts. We then explain it as simply as possible.

Using words, charts, and visuals.

Not sure of the best way to go about gathering the content and the people, you, we eventually came up with MacroBits. Now to get all that into a network that creates bonds and a pursuit of truth.

Macro scale industry knowledge put into bite sized newsletters, MacroBits seemed like a fitting name. You should always pursue the truth, so that you can always be you, whether its 'doom and gloom' or its 'to the moon.' It is the only way.

Wanna spend 15 minutes asking me anything? Click this ☎️.

Michael Bates, Founder

Starting out as a pipe welder and becoming a senior manager in a few national energy infrastructure projects is amazing.

Stitching together crazy amounts of data into federally compliant packages to turn over to multi-billion dollar clients... is hard fun.

Digitizing construction projects had it's fun but it's offered a door to tech and, then to crypto ultimately.

Once in the rabbit hole, I decided this is too important to not lunge into - with a family and a job.

I'm all about HODL.. but you don't have to be.

Crypto still seems far off for most people but being from a small town in the south, I explain hard-to-get stuff short and easy.

So come on, read up, and don't wait until 2063.

"I can't rest until the "non-obvious" benefits of crypto are obvious." - I said this after reading Mr. Shwartz work

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