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Mt. Gox

– one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges that traded the only cryptocurrency available at that time, bitcoin.  

It was based in Tokyo, Japan and originally started as a place to exchange Magic the Gathering cards, hence the name Magic the Gathering Online Exchange or Mt. Gox for short.  

Was eventually converted to a bitcoin exchange and sold to Mark Karpeles by its creator, Jeb McCaleb (who later became the CTO of Ripple, and would eventually start Stellar).  

Mt. Gox imploded due to theft of a substantial amount of bitcoins, landing its owner, Mark, in jail for covering up the exchange’s losses.  Customer’s lost a total of 850,000 bitcoins, more than any amount attributed to a single entity, to date.

You may find OG's referring to Mt. Gox, as they may have lost bitcoin to it...

Ya, Mt. Gox was almost the end for me.
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